Learning morse code from a shell script

Hey all, As i am learning to understand morse i decided to write a shell script that would help you learn also. Why in shell script ? why not. Here is the script. It is called “ceedubs” (cw. get it ?) It requires SoX for the play utility. It will do: – multiple words – … Read More

Dreamhost to Docker Swarm and a site move

Whats up all…. It has been a while. life happened. the pandemic happened. and i moved this site from dreamhost to a docker swarm setup (i will go over that setup in a later post)… while configuring the compose file i decided that i should post it and also to explain that this version of … Read More

Gentoo, ALSA, On-board sound card, and a USB DAC

Hey all So recently i bought an amp that could also be used as a dac. This article assumes you have ALSA, a working sound card, and another device (USB DAC, etc) Here is what i did to get it to work with and included script to make life easier. First, i had to ensure … Read More

Plex, media management, and all the other fanciness

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates in a while but life took over. This article is a combination of a bunch of mini texts i had on my system and after seeing more and more streaming services popping up it was time to combine the all and publish it. At some point i … Read More

xscreensaver, mpv, and drone videos

Sup all. So for a while i’ve had a folder with drone videos that i wanted to use as screensavers. So after a little digging in some xscreensaver and mpv settings i came up with this : mpv \ –shuffle \ –really-quiet \ –no-audio \ –fs \ –no-stop-screensaver \ –wid=$XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW \ $HOME/ss_videos/* as you can … Read More

Hacked e-mail nonsense

Sup everyone. Sorry for the delay in adding another article but life caught up with me and have not really had too much time to line up something to write about until this morning when i received this wonderful email. Here it is for all of you to read (we will dissect it after): H​el​lo​, … Read More

AWS MFA cli script

sup everyone. Been working and managing things so have not had too much time to do a post. Recently though i started having to do a bunch of tasks involving AWS from the CLI and would constantly get irritated at having to copy / paste all the things for the mfa to work so instead … Read More

ssh tunneling with .{bash,zsh}rc functions

So lately i have needed to setup some detailed entries into my ssh config file but i needed to ssh in and keep a term open for them to work. Instead, i added these functions that when your ssh config is properly setup will auto create these tunnels for you: start_tunnel: function start_tunnel() { if … Read More