muttrc with encrypted passwords

so after some more work trying to ensure that my passwords are not easily gotten, i managed to get my passwords encrypted into one file and removed after being read. here is the snippet from my .muttrc-accounts : set my_tmp=`gpg -q –no-verbose -o /tmp/.passwords.tmp -d ~/.passwords.gpg` set my_pass_acct1=`cat /tmp/.passwords.tmp | grep IDENTIFIER1 | awk ‘{ … Read More

another nexus s screenshot

ok. i lied about the last screenshot being the last one with this phone. i just have not gotten around to grabbing a new phone yet and this one works fine (for now). in this screenshot, the nexus s (crespo) is running android 4.1.1 (cyanogenmod skank nightly) with a custom kernel (jbn weekly). recovery was … Read More

shell script to output citrusleafdb namespace values to graphite

exactly as the name says. if you are a citrusleaf user, here is an easy (and hacky) way to output your namespace values to graphite with a nohup script every 10 seconds in github or here: #!/bin/bash ####### # this script runs through clinfo and grabs all the values for citrusleaf, then parses them out … Read More

my zshrc

so after many years of using sh & bash i have decided to give zsh a try and after using it for a couple of weeks i cant go back. so here is my zshrc @ github for people to use. in detail (at time of writing this was my current zshrc): #### interactive shell … Read More