used greatest stack depth

so, after compiling a new kernel from gentoo sources (3.2.11) and a restart, my trusty old x60 freezes during boot with the last message being: used greatest stack depth hmm after a little googling, i stumbled across this bug. so, here is what i did in a nutshell to get my machine back up … Read More

last nexus s screenshot

so as all 2 or 3 of you know, i like updating my screenshots of whatever phone i happen to be using at that time. since i have plans to upgrade to the nexus prime soon, this will be the last screenshot of this phone: its worked well, and as you can see i have … Read More

new repo for my dotfiles and scripts

UPDATED 02-Aug-2012 for the two or three of you that read this and follow, i am starting to put all the dotfiles and scripts that are on this site in github at here for my personal and here for stuff on the site