ssh fingerprint verification

this article assumes that you have recently become paranoid accessing a server and are assuming that someone has sent you an erroneous / malicious key for MITM or some other weird purpose. this article also assumes that you have access to the other box already to do key verification. so you go to ssh into … Read More

pingdom stats to graphite from the command line

so i have been doing some work with our internal monitoring systems the last couple of days and wanted a way to pull pingdom stats into our graphite server using only a couple of bash commands or just put it together into a little shell script. after going through the pingdom api documentation, i was … Read More

graphite / statsd gone crazy

so i accidentally wild carded a part of the url on a graph, this was the result: click image to enlarge sometimes you get funny results from a fuck up.

gentoo spotify from deb file

this is how i got spotify to work on my install of gentoo. YMMV. grab a copy of the deb from here. just make sure to grab one for your respective build (x86 or amd64). at the time of writing, spotify-client_0.9.1.55.gbdd3b79.203-1_amd64.deb was the version available. now lets uncompress the file : ar x file.deb which … Read More