television issues

so my television (samsung LN40A550P3FXZA) a couple of days ago decides to no longer turn on. its not that new nor is it that old either. so i decided to open it up to see if it was something notice-able since it was no longer under warranty. after a couple of minutes of searching i … Read More

dual monitor xinitrc configuration

just as the name says, this is a bit of my xinitrc file as used in a dual monitor evilwm setup. a little about my setup: Gentoo evilwm (emerge x11-wm/evilwm) SLiM Simple Login Manager (emerge x11-misc/slim) conky lightweight system monitor (emerge app-admin/conky) so when i first started using evilwm in a dual monitor setup i … Read More

say good bye to a good machine

for the two or three of you that read all this nonsense that i put up here, you will be pleased to know that the mvme has found a new home. after a long process of trying to find a better home for mr. mainframe, he is getting shipped to maryland for a better place … Read More