ssh redirection for DRAC

simple ssh technique to access those pesky dell DRAC addresses from home when its completely firewall’ed : sudo ssh -L 443:<drac ip>:443 -L 5900:<drac ip>:5900 -L 5901:<drac ip>:5901 -l <user> -N <machine> the reason this is being run with sudo is that you can not forward privileged ports once this command is run, just open … Read More

nagios qmail current log alert check

here is a real dirty way for counting and monitoring how many “alerts” are in qmails current log using bash: #!/bin/bash # this script requires Date::Parse module in CPAN TMP_TIME=/tmp/tmp_time TMP_FILE=/tmp/tmp_file TMP_FILE2=/tmp/tmp_file2 if [ -f ${TMP_FILE2} ]; then rm -f ${TMP_FILE2} && touch ${TMP_FILE2} fi # CURTIME is present time in epoch perl -MDate::Parse -le’print … Read More

why i hate life

there is nothing worse in life than deleting someone from your life because of your own stupidities: root@sol:~# userdel ssmith 🙁