simple system stats script for graphite

so i wrote a little script for dumping some stats to a graphite server. script is located here. all you have to do to get this working: ensure nc is installed ensure vmstat is installed change gserver and gport to matching graphite server and port and cron this to run every minute or so. it … Read More

adding cron’s to crontab from a script

so i needed to add things to a couple of boxes without completely killing off the existing crontab from a script. i came up with this: TMP_FILE=$(mktemp –tmpdir cron.$$.XXXXXXXXXX) crontab -l > ${TMP_FILE} echo ‘# * * * * * script’ >> ${TMP_FILE} crontab ${TMP_FILE} rm -rf ${TMP_FILE} it will take a copy of the … Read More

multiple window managers in primary window manager

so for my day to day usage, i run as minimalistic a window manager as possible (evilwm or in gentoo : x11-wm/evilwm), but every now and then i have to debug or test things in other wm’s which is a pain in the ass depending on what login manager you are using or just depending … Read More

teensy 3.0 & android pin brute forcing

so after picking up a usb rubber ducky from HAK5 at defcon, i wanted to see if i could replicate a pin brute force tool using a teensy for android phones. i love the usb rubber ducky, but i figure if i have arduino’s to spare, why not use them ? here is what i … Read More