multiboot flash drive : openbsd installation media

So after writing the previous article about booting multiple distros from one flash drive, i realized that i needed to do some openbsd installs with zero network access. at time of writing i was installing openbsd54 Here are the steps i took to add openbsd install media on my multiboot flash drive first we need … Read More

tmux bashrc snippet

so on most of my machines i have mrxvt to be my primary term in evilwm. every time i do the term hotkey i want a new session of tmux to start up without attaching to a previous / existing session. here is what i added in my .bashrc to make this happen: tmux_count=`tmux ls … Read More

new prompt (with screenshot)

so i was getting tired of the prompt i have / had and wanted a prompt that would give me more info. since i already had tmux giving me a decent amount of info i wanted to see if i could get my prompt to color code the load and give me the pwd. after … Read More

Motorola M810 fun – pt 5

some info from board 1 (first MVME board from the top): $ sysctl hw hw.machine=mvme88k hw.model=Motorola MVME187, 33MHz hw.ncpu=1 hw.byteorder=4321 hw.pagesize=4096 hw.disknames=sd0 hw.diskcount=1 hw.physmem=33554432 hw.usermem=33550336 once i get the needed parts to get board 2 (second MVME board from the top) running i will start posting some info on that. reference this picture to know … Read More

Motorola M810 fun – pt 2

#### warning: this is going to be a semi-long post #### first off, some drive specs: 187-Bug>IOI I/O Inquiry Status: CLUN DLUN CNTRL-TYPE DADDR DTYPE RM Inquiry-Data 0 10 VME187 1 $00 N SEAGATE ST39173N 6244 0 40 VME187 4 $01 Y ARCHIVE VIPER TDC 3800 =07: 0 50 VME187 5 $01 Y ARCHIVE Python … Read More

Motorola M810 fun – pt 3

view of the openbsd 4.3 initial netboot: 187-Bug>NBO 00 00 Network Booting from: VME187, Controller 0, Device 0 Loading: INSTALL.tftpboot Client IP Address = Server IP Address = Gateway IP Address = Subnet IP Address Mask = Boot File Name = INSTALL.tftpboot Argument File Name = bsd.rd Network Boot File load … Read More

Motorola M810 fun – pt 4

openbsd fully installed – first bootup: Copyright Motorola Inc. 1988 – 1994, All Rights Reserved MVME187 Debugger/Diagnostics Release Version 2.2 – 01/14/94 COLD Start Local Memory Found =02000000 (&33554432) MPU Clock Speed =33Mhz Autoboot in progress… To abort hit <BREAK> Booting from: VME187, Controller 0, Drive 10 Loading: Operating System Volume: M88K IPL loaded at: … Read More