script to mount smb drives over a network

#!/bin/bash case $1 in ‘start’) mount -t smbfs -o fmask=777,dmask=777,username=xxx,password=xxx //ip addy/folder /mount location ;; ‘stop’) umount /mount location ;; *) echo “usage: $0 <start|stop>” esac usage: ./script start|stop — this script also works well when using hamachi in linux – just have to change ip addy to the system (hamachi) assigned ip address of … Read More

hacking the V3 razr (sort of part five)

how to downgrade the bootloader from 8.xx to 7.d0 on the razr (one way of doing it) ***first make a pds backup in case of failure*** 1. open flashbackup 2.61 (with the phone connected via usb) 2. in the section labeled “select loader”, select “select another”, select 32 MB (08A0).ldr 3. select “disable backup compression” … Read More

hacking the V3 razr (sort of part four)

changing the operator logo (tested with T-Mobile U.S.) 1. seem 0032_0001 –> offset 4B –> [uncheck] 6 – make sure to save 2. seem 0032_0001 –> offset 02 –> [uncheck] 1 – make sure to save 3. with p2kman, copy plmn_text_table.bin in /a/ to your pc 4. with OpEdit, open plmn_text_table.bin and sort by operator … Read More