cups admin issue

just setup a new system running cups, when i went to add printers (using localhost:631) it asked me for a username and password that i did not have. here is the fix: sudo lppasswd -a <username> enter your password twice now log back into localhost:631 using that username and password, all login issues will be … Read More

common knowledge – apache column width

this is common knowledge, i have just forgotten it — to widen the primary column in an apache directory listing : Alias /alias /location_of_alias <Directory “/location_of_alias”> IndexOptions NameWidth=* </Directory> just replace /alias with the alias to be used. also replace /location_of_alias with the actual directory/location that is going to be referenced. and obviously, this is … Read More

car pc pictures

a friend from work asked me to install a car pc into his car (2003 honda accord ex) and also wire his gps unit through the fusebox of the car – here are some pictures i know that it is disappointing that it is windows and not *nix, but im not going to be the … Read More

update to solaris file system check

#!/bin/bash TMP_FILE=/tmp/disk_usage.tmp.$$ df -h | grep ‘%’ | grep -v “/cdrom/” | tr -d ‘%’ | awk ‘{ if (NR != 1) { if (NF == 6 && $5 >= 95) print $2,$3,$4,$5″%”,$6; else if (NF == 5 && $4 >= 95) print $1,$2,$3,$4″%”,$5; } }’ >$TMP_FILE if [ -s $TMP_FILE ]; then cat $TMP_FILE … Read More