snippet to add aws volumes and instances (rough)

just a snippet of something i was working on to add volumes to instances in aws using the amazon ec2 ami / api tools. very rough draft. TMP_VOL_OUT=”$(basename $0).$$.tmp” TMP_INST_OUT=”$(basename $0).$$.tmp” ## input the number of volumes to create- echo “How many volumes to create ?: \c” read VOLNUM echo “Creating ${VOLNUM} volumes” ## input … Read More

Nexus s and ics

Koush released an alpha of ics for the nexus s. I popped it on along with the glados kernel. Good times.

its that kind of day

click to enlarge Ty captures the sentiment perfectly. visit his site sometime. good dude. darkseidis

haproxy and https using stunnel

EDIT 07-march-2014 as per Kyler’s note (thanks Kyler): The following should help people patch v4.44 like I did. apt-get install gcc build-essential libssl-dev cd /usr/local/src/ wget tar xzf stunnel-4.44.tar.gz cd stunnel-4.44 patch -p1 < ../stunnel-4.44-xforwarded-for.diff ./configure make make install also: oops, don’t forget to download the patch direct from haproxy. Also the link ... Read More