addition/ammendment – pfsense 0.80.2 config.xml snippets

once those spoofmac lines are added in – just reboot and assign your devices like normal. once done it will spit out the mac addy’s (actual). with the opt1 device, when it is assigned, it is the only device that will retain the spoofed mac address in the settings. in dmesg, the fxp0 – 2 … Read More

pfsense 0.80.2 config.xml snippets

here are some of the config.xml snippets that i used to make this work (this is not my original work – originally done by Chris Buechler at/for m0n0wall): <interfaces> <lan> <if>fxp0</if> <ipaddr></ipaddr> <subnet>24</subnet> <media/> <mediaopt/> <bandwidth>100</bandwidth> <bandwidthtype>Mb</bandwidthtype> <bridge/> </lan> <wan> <if>fxp1</if> <mtu/> <gateway/> <blockpriv/> <media/> <mediaopt/> <bandwidth>10</bandwidth> <bandwidthtype>Mb</bandwidthtype> <spoofmac/> <schedulertype>priq</schedulertype> <ipaddr>dhcp</ipaddr> <dhcphostname/> </wan> <opt1> <if>fxp2</if> … Read More

pfsense 0.80.2 + nokia ip 330 = new router / firewall

i finally decided to go with pfsense 0.80.2 on the nokia ip 330 after trying a couple of other solutions. pfsense was the one with the least amount of headaches (even though the biggest headache on the nokia ip330’s is the spoofing of the mac addy’s since they only show up as ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff). once the … Read More

edgar allen poe + pron = the truth

once upon a midnight dreary while i pron surfed weak and weary over many a strange and spurious site of ‘ hot xxx galore’. While i clicked my fav’rite bookmark suddenly there came a warning and my heart was filled with mourning mourning for my dear amour ” ‘Tis not possible!”, i muttered, ” give … Read More

machines in house

these are the machines in the house (that are running): saturn: dual p3 1 ghz 1gb of ram integrated dual nic os: netbsd 2.0.2 /w enlightenment 16.7 earth: celeron 2 ghz 1 gb of ram ultra320 driven (no ide) os: suse 9.2 /w enlightenment 16.7 mars: amd athlon 1.4 ghz 512mb ram os: winxp pro … Read More

old logo

here is a copy of the old logo. it was originally the logo from pancreas dot com many many moons ago. i always liked it and hunted it down since that site went down in 98 or 99. i try to keep this image floating around since it is truly a cool image and it … Read More

suse –> opensuse

suse (novell) is making it easier to get suse. opensuse if you like suse then you will like the open release. it is version 9.3 which so far seems to run pretty stable with enlightenment 16.7 instead of kde or gnome..

suse (9.2 & 9.3) – apt4rpm sources list (08-11-05)

rpm SuSE/9.2-i386 suser-sbarnin suse-people rpmkeys base update-drpm update-prpm update kde misc xorg mozilla samba3 ximian suser-rbos suser-oc2pus suser-guru suser-gbv suser-obengs suser-tcousin suser-scorot suser-ollakka funktronics packman packman-i686 kernel-of-the-day kraxel wine suse-projects kde3-stable security-prpm security rpm SuSE/9.3-i386 suse-people rpmkeys base update-drpm update-prpm update kde misc x-ati mozilla samba3 ximian suser-rbos suser-jengelh suser-oc2pus suser-guru suser-gbv usr-local-bin … Read More

netbsd 2.0.2 + enlightenment 16.7 = first screenshot

here is my first of many screenshots of my netbsd 2.0.2 desktop using enlightenment 16.7 i have gimp, 2 xterm sessions, gkrellm, xclock & firefox all running. the resolution is 1600×1200 the wallpaper is by 3dcrew – i love their wallpapers. $ uname -a NetBSD saturn 2.0.2 NetBSD 2.0.2 (GENERIC) #0: Wed Mar 23 08:53:42 … Read More

netbsd sparc 64 reinitialize adds

resolv.conf # nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver nameserver ————————————– rc.conf sshd=yes dhclient=no # dhclient_flags=hme0 defaultroute= ————————————– hosts saturn earth mnh ————————————– ifconfig.hme0 inet netmask