ssh tricks

during a recent nagios setup on a private lan with no web access to it from the outside, i came accross a cool little trick to forward a port to a non-used port on your machine. ssh -L(virt_port):(ip_addy):(port) (user)@(server) let me explain, i need to connect to the nagios server which we’ll say is located … Read More

jealous ??

Last Result: Download Speed: 13881 kbps (1735.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1833 kbps (229.1 KB/sec transfer rate) those numbers are my average speed results for my bandwidth at home.

bad interpreter: No such file or directory

so i was trying to run a shell script i created and had emailed to myself, once i downloaded it i was getting this error : bad interpreter: No such file or directory … after many a wasted minutes i came up with this for a fix check the file first to make sure that … Read More