console-kit-daemon shenanigans

so for a long time i was wondering what console-kit-daemon was and why were there so many of them running on my machine. example: ono-sendai ~ % ps -eLf | grep console-kit | grep -v grep root 1981 1 1981 0 65 Oct15 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon root 1981 1 1983 0 65 Oct15 ? 00:00:00 … Read More

new phone screen shot

new phone == screen shots i just recently upgraded my nexus s for a galaxy s3. first thing to do was root the phone, then install cyanogenmod 10 nightly , then upgrade the radio. here is the screenshot: click to enlarge i am liking this phone so far. all good.

script to control pianobar from any local terminal

i sit in multiple terminal sessions all day on my personal and work machine with my headphones on listening to pianobar (cli client for pandora : get it here or in gentoo emerge pianobar) and i realized that it was becoming a pain to send controls to the pipe for pianobar. so i wrote a … Read More