Hacked e-mail nonsense

Sup everyone. Sorry for the delay in adding another article but life caught up with me and have not really had too much time to line up something to write about until this morning when i received this wonderful email. Here it is for all of you to read (we will dissect it after): H​el​lo​, … Read More

New editor to pissedoffadmins

Hey everyone After much irc battle and getting shut up by this person a couple of times, i have asked my friend ch3ll to start contributing to this site. She is bad ass and knowledgable. give her a warm welcome.

Nexus s and ics

Koush released an alpha of ics for the nexus s. I popped it on along with the glados kernel. Good times.

greatest instant messaging quotes ever pt 2

as quoted again by mf: mf: failover? me: cable mf: put a load balancer on that thing with an access point and peer with your phone’s wifi as backup link me: lol mf: that’s something we would do here, except we would make the load balancer out of a palm3 with screwdrivers for antennae and … Read More

greatest instant messaging quotes ever.

microsoft keeps me from sleeping AND makes me throw up my food. now that’s something. forget backup though, or blackberry or PDA access without hacking the registry, and log entries are next to useless, so troubleshooting usually requires voodoo and bonecasting. thank you mf