sun blade 100 + fresh start ??

hey kids – question for the two or three of you that actually read the garbage i put on this screen: i just won two sun blade 100’s – do any of you know a) spec sheet for the blade 100 says that it came with up to an 80gb drive but it can support … Read More

ramdisk script for nagios

to prevent the hard drive on the nagios server from thrashing around like a drunken idiot while running nagios, i set the status.dat file to reside in a ramdisk since that file gets read and written everytime that either a service,passive or host check goes through. i put this little script in start up so … Read More

cheap script to pass data through gnuplot

im putting this script up not because it does something useful, but because i needed somewhere to store it. if it actually helps you then i apologize. #!/bin/bash # script for gnuplot to combine multiple pieces of data into on graph # in png format case $1 in ‘load_avg’) if [ $# -lt 3 ]; … Read More

simple nagios script to check disk usage in solaris

i know that there already is a command in nagios to check file system usage, but it gives you the percentage in the wrong format (it says there is 21% free when i am used to it saying that 79% is being used) this will give you the format in basic df per device usage … Read More

simple nagios script for exp match in solaris

we just needed something on the fly to monitor /var/adm/messages for certain output in nagios. this does the trick rather nicely and its not that big of a script either. tested with nagios versions 2.3 – 2.5 #!/bin/bash TMPFILE=/tmp/tmpfile.$$ #GREP=/usr/bin/egrep egrep “(ALERT|EMERG|ERR|WARN|NOTICE|panic|halt)” /var/adm/messages > $TMPFILE egrep “\\(sd[0-9]+\\):” /var/adm/messages >> $TMPFILE egrep “su:.*su\ root.*failed” /var/adm/messages >> … Read More

rj45 to db9 serial adaptors

this is why i love these little adaptors, you can configure two of them (sans serial wire or a null modem) with a piece of patch and you have your serial console on most ibm pc/s (by ibm i mean most standard computer systems, sun(s) are a little different since alot of the sparc/ultra and … Read More