netbsd 3 + sparc64 + new disk

straight from the bsd forums – so stop asking me how to do it bsd forum link Step 1: backup disktab, add autogenerated disk geometry to disktab (or use a seperate file for your disktab entry, see disklabel man page for info on doing this) # cd /etc # cp disktab disktab.bak # disklabel -t … Read More

pearpc config file with osx 10.3

here is the config file for pearpc ass configured on my setup: ppc_start_resolution = “1280x720x15” redraw_interval_msec = 20 ##redraw_interval_msec = 50 key_compose_dialog = “F11” key_change_cd_0 = “none” key_toggle_mouse_grab = “F12” key_toggle_full_screen = “Alt+Return” prom_bootmethod = “select” #prom_bootmethod = “force” #prom_loadfile = “test/yaboot” #prom_env_bootpath = “disk” #prom_env_bootargs = “” prom_env_machargs = “-v” prom_driver_graphic = “video.x” #page_table_pa … Read More

ipaq and familiar

i dropped linux (familiar linux) on the ipaq today. it was pretty straight forward and had it fully running within about one to two hours from begining. once the boot loader was corrected since the ipaq boot loader was to old, it was just a matter of copying the proper files to the compact flash … Read More