i will be away for a few days

i will be away on business for the next couple of days so any one trying to contact me via email – be warned – i will not reply in a timely fashion. i hate you all…

slight spin on nagios file system check

here is a slight spin on the nagios disk check function – this is for when it is not critical for you to check free/used space on the fs but you still want to be alerted when something is wrong works both in linux and solaris #!/bin/bash TMP_FILE=/tmp/disk_usage.tmp.$$ df -h | tr -d ‘%’ | … Read More

nagios ram check for solaris and linux

these scripts work when checking nagios services over ssh (check_by_ssh) linux: #!/bin/bash TMP_FILE1=/tmp/ram.free.tmp1.$$ top -b -n1 |head -4 |tail -1 | awk ‘{free = $4 / $2 * 100; if (free >= 90.0) print $0 }’ >$TMP_FILE1 if [ -s $TMP_FILE1 ]; then cat $TMP_FILE1 rm -f $TMP_FILE1 exit 1 fi solaris: #!/bin/bash TMP_FILE1=/tmp/ram_free.tmp1.$$ TMP_FILE2=/tmp/ram_free.tmp2.$$ … Read More