weirdness with hipchat

so for work we use hipchat which is pretty cool for what we use it for, but i discovered a little issue when copy/pasting configs in there to send to coworkers; it adds extra bytes to the file. example: this is what was originally passed through the wire : 2013-02-19 22:19:25,144 INFO    [config] Logging … Read More

mutt with sidebar

so i was trying to install the patched version of mutt with sidebar from source on my gentoo box when i realized that there is a use flage (sidebar) which will do all the work for me. eix mutt: [I] mail-client/mutt Available versions: 1.5.21-r1 (~)1.5.21-r11 (~)1.5.21-r12 {berkdb crypt debug doc gdbm gnutls gpg idn imap … Read More