knife, rackspace, & fog

so after some initial struggling with the wonderful fog and specific versions of it to get chef rackspace tools working properly, i hit another bit of weirdness: % knife rackspace server create -f6 -I -r ‘role[base]’ -E <env> -S -N -VV –rackspace-version v2 DEBUG: version v2 DEBUG: version v2 DEBUG: rackspace_api_key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DEBUG: rackspace_username DEBUG: … Read More

postfix in gentoo using gmail as relay without certs

As the title implies, this article is a bit gentoo centric, but that is only for packages and USE flags. It can be applied to other distros if you can grab the appropriate packages (pretty straight forward). This article is also not using certs, i will write another article to deal with that at a … Read More