nokia ip330 or wrap 1+3 embed ?

im considering selling the nokia ip330 so i can replace it with a wrap 1+3 board. for what i need, it looks as if the wrap might be better suited since i have to support multiple machines via wired and wifi with range and speed being the ultimate factor. pfsense is going to remain the … Read More

VA LINUX Fullon 2240 Rack Mount Server

new machine added to the network – i love the design of these machines. granted that va linux does not make servers anymore, so you can find them for dirt cheap. plus, they run real quiet and its a dual proc machine to begin with. os – netbsd 2.0.2 w/ full ssh and web serve … Read More

after popular demand – a picture of my dog and one cat

i decided to post a picture of my dog that my girlfriend took with my camera. i dont normally post anything other than stuff i need to remember about systems i work with and am contemplating doing work to. her name is gia she is 1’1″ high she doesn’t like telling her sign to strange … Read More

pfsense up and running

up and running – after the issue with the mac address(es) with the network interfaces fixed, then the firewall would not allow access to any ftp connections going outbound. thankfully Holger on the pfsense support mailing list suggested to select the “Disable the userland FTP-Proxy application” on the system – advanced window. after that smooth … Read More