hacking the V3 razr (sort of part two)

ssh on the razr first things first, you should have a copy of p2kman or some other tool to transfer files to and from the razr via mini-usb. make sure that you dont have any java apps on your phone that you can not get back – you are going to remove all java apps … Read More

hacking the V3 razr (sort of part one)

hacking the razr to edit seems – you need p2kman, xvi32 & pst (google) files referenced in motox.us section can be found on motox.us in the unbranding section —this section taken from motox.us— External screen logo with a flip opened Replace the file named cl GIF file (96×80 pixels) in /a/mobile/system/ folder with your own … Read More

picture of me at pumpcon 2004

ippy sent me this picture of me from pumpcon 2004 at the bar. i assume i was drunk since we were not sober for more than 20 minutes that whole weekend. for work reasons, i am not going to be able to make it this year, but all those guys know that i will be … Read More

simple samba smb.conf + setup in netbsd 2.0.2 & winxp

smb.conf [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP interfaces = security = share server string = venus [share1] path = /venus_fly_trap comment = the fly trap guest ok = yes read only = no browsable = yes writeable = yes public = yes testing — # nmbd # smbd # winbindd # testparm -s Load smb config … Read More

massive overhaul

after many a sleepless nights, i finally have all the proper permissions and i can finally post to my own blog. all the software has been fully upgraded to relieve some speed issues and some other minor ticks. just in case of any quirks, glitches or anomalies, shoot me an email and ill try to … Read More