kill dead ssh sessions

so this is one of those things that you forget about when you really need it. ssh sessions dies, now to kill the session…. don’t remember how ??? neither do i most of the time. type ~ and ? (thats a tilde then question mark) which gives you this : $ ~? Supported escape sequences: … Read More

mutt with google email

i like checking my email with mutt and pine, but for this article i am posting the section of my .muttrc that lets me use my google mail ( for this example) : set imap_user = “” set imap_pass = “PASSWORD” set smtp_url = “smtp://” set smtp_pass = “PASSWORD” set from = “” set realname … Read More

thinkpad hibernate / suspend stuff without TuxOnIce

at time of writing, gentoo TuxOnIce is at sys-kernel/tuxonice-sources-3.0.26 and gentoo sources is at sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-3.3.1. so after compiling tuxonice-sources (here is my .config for reference) and configuring all the hibernate / suspend scripts referenced here i realized that after resuming from either suspend to ram or hibernating to swap that my function keys were borked. … Read More

thinkpad x60 kernel work

so after using my thinkpad x60 for a while i realized that my battery (brand new) was dying to quickly, to start testing i installed powertop (Gentoo: sys-power/powertop, other : and started to notice that there were some changes at the kernel level and other minor tweaks that i could do to maximize on … Read More

thinkpad tmux battery status

so i realized that with the setup i have that i did not have a detailed battery indicator on my thinkpad except for the battery light, so i decided to use acpi (gentoo: sys-power/acpi, or sourceforge). by just typing acpi (with the laptop unplugged) you get : Battery 0: Discharging, 99%, 02:58:51 remaining while plugged … Read More


This is a tool written by rage of some notoriety here at pissedoffadmins. Sessionlist : HTTP is a simple protocol, and many use it to create “program-like” websites. With asynchronous requests available in almost every browser (including mobile ones) it’s no surprise that many people create a zillion and one sites for almost any purpose. … Read More