script to free up cached memory

on some of the app boxes at work we have an issue with tomcat not free’ing up cached memory quickly after either a tomcat restart or tomcat stop so we did some google-ing to find a way to quickly free up cached memory. what this script does is sync writes the cache then echo 3 … Read More

xorg & evdev awesomeness

with zero configuration for my trackball and keyboard (covered in this post), here is the Xorg.0.log snippet : [ 7734.487] (II) config/udev: Adding input device Topre Corporation HHKB Professional (/dev/input/event3) [ 7734.487] (**) Topre Corporation HHKB Professional: Applying InputClass “evdev keyboard catchall” [ 7734.487] (II) Using input driver ‘evdev’ for ‘Topre Corporation HHKB Professional’ [ … Read More

bootchart update

so after some minor work to my system, i cant seem to break the 16 second barrier but i have bootchart showing that my startups are getting a lot slimmer and nicer: Click image to enlarge i streamlined the kernel even more so now its a thin 3.5mb: -rw-r–r– 1 root root 3.5M May 23 … Read More

new bootchart goodness

so my work machine died last week due to some faulty caps: click image to enlarge the machine was replaced with an amd phenom 2 (6 cores @ 2.8ghz): click image to enlarge so i wanted to make sure that my startups were fast. with some minor work on the the system and kernel i … Read More