multiboot selection rewrite

Whats up all, Its been a while since i have posted but whatever. Lately i have started to rewrite a chunk of the multiboot creator script located here. One of the main things that i have rewritten is the OS selection section. Here is what i wrote months ago. As you can see, it is … Read More

bigghost name generator script

so i read Big Ghost’s site semi frequently since the reviews are actually pretty funny. One thing i noticed is that who ever does the writing can come up with these names that are hilarious. so i decided to write a quick script using some of the names from that site to pseudo-randomly generate names. … Read More

shell script password snippet

i was writing a script and needed to hide input for a password. here is the snippet: echo -n “please enter password and press [enter]: ” STTY_ORIG=`stty -g` stty -icanon -echo KEY=$(dd bs=1 count=1 2>/dev/null) while [ x$KEY != x$(echo) ]; do PASSWORD=$PASSWORD$KEY echo -n \* KEY=$(dd bs=1 count=1 2>/dev/null) done echo stty $STTY_ORIG # … Read More

random wallpaper with either feh or xv

EDIT: Sep-28-2010 : as of a while ago changed how their random images are served so this script no longer works. i’ll see if i can use a different site as pointed out in the comments. so after creating the evilwm random wallpaper script i decided that i wanted to use the fixed resolution … Read More

moving pics into specific dated folders using exif

so i started taking pictures and realized that when i dumped all the pics off my cf card that it would just dump all the pics into one folder. so using exif (in gentoo “emerge media-gfx/exif”, from source: i came up with a quick snippet using exif to move the pictures to the proper … Read More

evilwm random wallpaper with either feh or xv

so i decided to have my wallpaper in evilwm switch up every 60 seconds but since setting the wallpaper in evilwm requires the usage of feh, xv or some other utility i came up with this little script below which gets daemonized by .xinitrc at login: #!/bin/bash while :;do files=(/path/to/*.jpg /path/to/*.jpeg /path/to/*.png /path/to/*.gif) N=${#files[@]} ((N=RANDOM%N)) … Read More