evilwm random wallpaper with either feh or xv

so i decided to have my wallpaper in evilwm switch up every 60 seconds but since setting the wallpaper in evilwm requires the usage of feh, xv or some other utility i came up with this little script below which gets daemonized by .xinitrc at login:


while :;do
    files=(/path/to/*.jpg /path/to/*.jpeg /path/to/*.png /path/to/*.gif)
    #/usr/bin/xv -quit -root -rmode 5 $randomfile
    #/usr/bin/feh --bg-center $randomfile
    sleep 60

only things you have to change are the “path to’s” and you have to uncomment either the xv line, feh line or substitute your own.

you can also change the sleep interval if you want to make it shorter or longer.


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