new gift from lmb = motorola M810

** updated 31/3/2008 – changed images from openbsd to local images

today i received an awesome gift which will definately become the new toy.
a motorola m810

*** pictures are of the actual unit and are huge for detail ***
front 1
front 2
rear detailed

here are some specs so far:

chassis    : Motorola 900 modular chassis
cpu board 1: MVME187
        some specs : (base spec)
        25MHZ, 4MB Parity
cpu board 2: MVME187-34B
        some specs : (base spec)
        33MHZ, 32MB ECC
io board   : MVME I/O (x2)
misc board : imagraph HI*DEF OA
os         : Motorola System V/88 Unix R3.2 V3

let the good times roll!!
i will be posting more on this in the next couple of days



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