multiboot script

so after a couple of posts about creating a multiboot flash drive, i created a script that should automate it a bit which is located here.

as of time of writing:
it formats the disk
installs grub2
boots debian netinstall 32 & 64
boots fedora 32 & 64
boots gentoo 32 & 64
boots kali 64
boots netbsd 32 & 64 (broken though)
boots openbsd 32 & 64
boots tails 32
ubuntu 12.04.4 lts 32 & 64 (broken)
ubuntu 13.10 desktop 32 & 64


  • Hi,

    that script was exactly what I needed
    it works like charm!

    I tried several solutions but none of them worked for me.
    No I’ll use your nice piece of code to adapt it to my needs.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best Regards

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