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so a couple of weeks ago i decided to write an rfc-reader that is usable from the command line.

Here it is.

you can search for a bcp, fyi, ien, std, and an rfc.

then when you select one to read, a formatted term will pop up with it open.

i know there are hundreds of these, but i wrote one up anyway.

Usage: rfc-editor <name (-n)|read (-r)|search (-s)> <####> <bcp|fyi|ien|std|rfc>

Usage examples:
  rfc-editor name 3334 rfc     # displays RFC #3334 name
    ex: 3334 Policy-Based Accounting. T. Zseby, S. Zander, C. Carle. October
             2002. (Format: TXT=103014 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

  rfc-editor search  rfc # Displays index of matches with RFC #'s
    ex: rfc-editor search transport rfc

        0905 ISO Transport Protocol specification ISO DP 8073. ISO. April
             1984. (Format: TXT=249214 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0892) (Status:

        0939 Executive summary of the NRC report on transport protocols for
             Department of Defense data networks. National Research Council.
             February 1985. (Format: TXT=42345 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

  rfc-editor read 38 fyi       # read fyi #38
  • Thanks for the cold coffee… well, at least I don’t have to get my own now! 🙂 I was just about to write one of these.

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