vim folding or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fold

sup people i wanted to write a quick article on why i love folds in vim especially in config files. vim folding gives you the ability to temporarily hide parts of files while leaving only certain lines visible. this helps a ton when you are elbow deep in the muck that are certain files. i … Read More

updated vim screenshot with some explanations part two

hello all, i have been away from this site for a while and owe you guys some updates. i should be able to start posting more now. todays screenshot is another vim but its to show the colored status line that i have switched to: click to enlarge as of time of writing, you can … Read More

updated vim screenshot with some explanations part one

howdy all i have been away from a while battling dragons and you know…. that whole work thing. one question that i do keep getting on pissedoffadmins is about the vim screenshot and the rc file that i use. in this article i am going to explain some of the real big things in my … Read More

vim screenshot

just felt like posting a screenshot of my term while in vim. enjoy click to enlarge EDIT 20141126 as per Alex : here are the plugins i use. here is a copy of my vimrc.

Vim plugins that i use

so for the few of you that have seen my vim setup, here is a list of some of the plugins i use and a link to my vimrc file for all to use. Plugins: Vundle: or vim bundle which is a plugin manager Rainbow parenthesis: Highlight matching parens in a rainbow of colors Syntastic: … Read More

vim arduino syntax

this is a quick one. after realizing that my ino files did not have proper syntax in vim, i did some googling and found this. but it needed a little more to make it work with my setup. so i added: autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.ino,*.pde set filetype=arduino into ~/.vim/ftdetect/arduino.vim — this vim file is not the … Read More

some vim configs

so for my day to day i use a highly config’ed version of vim with all the config’s coming from multiple sources all over the internet. here is my main .vimrc file which you can place in ~ now create these folders under ~ : .vim/ .vim/autoupload/ .vim/backup/ .vim/colors/ .vim/plugin/ .vim/tmp/ .vim/undo/ .vim/view/ here is … Read More