another nexus s screenshot

ok. i lied about the last screenshot being the last one with this phone. i just have not gotten around to grabbing a new phone yet and this one works fine (for now). in this screenshot, the nexus s (crespo) is running android 4.1.1 (cyanogenmod skank nightly) with a custom kernel (jbn weekly). recovery was … Read More

last nexus s screenshot

so as all 2 or 3 of you know, i like updating my screenshots of whatever phone i happen to be using at that time. since i have plans to upgrade to the nexus prime soon, this will be the last screenshot of this phone: its worked well, and as you can see i have … Read More

Nexus s and ics

Koush released an alpha of ics for the nexus s. I popped it on along with the glados kernel. Good times.