mutt and pgp

this article will cover using mutt with pgp, it is a work in progress. this is gentoo centric and assumes that you are most likely using a google apps enabled domain or gmail address. at time of writing : mail-client/mutt-1.5.21-r12 app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.19-r2 app-crypt/pinentry-0.8.2 first things first, lets install some software: for non-gentoo systems: install mutt, gnupg, … Read More

mutt with sidebar

so i was trying to install the patched version of mutt with sidebar from source on my gentoo box when i realized that there is a use flage (sidebar) which will do all the work for me. eix mutt: [I] mail-client/mutt Available versions: 1.5.21-r1 (~)1.5.21-r11 (~)1.5.21-r12 {berkdb crypt debug doc gdbm gnutls gpg idn imap … Read More

muttrc with encrypted passwords

so after some more work trying to ensure that my passwords are not easily gotten, i managed to get my passwords encrypted into one file and removed after being read. here is the snippet from my .muttrc-accounts : set my_tmp=`gpg -q –no-verbose -o /tmp/.passwords.tmp -d ~/.passwords.gpg` set my_pass_acct1=`cat /tmp/.passwords.tmp | grep IDENTIFIER1 | awk ‘{ … Read More

more mutt goodness

here is my .muttrc which i will be explaining a little bit. my needs with mutt were a little bit of a pain in the ass and here is why; -i needed to be able to check 5 different accounts –4 google apps domains, 1 gmail account -one of the accounts needed to allow my … Read More

mutt with google email

i like checking my email with mutt and pine, but for this article i am posting the section of my .muttrc that lets me use my google mail ( for this example) : set imap_user = “” set imap_pass = “PASSWORD” set smtp_url = “smtp://” set smtp_pass = “PASSWORD” set from = “” set realname … Read More