thinkpad hibernate / suspend stuff without TuxOnIce

at time of writing, gentoo TuxOnIce is at sys-kernel/tuxonice-sources-3.0.26 and gentoo sources is at sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-3.3.1. so after compiling tuxonice-sources (here is my .config for reference) and configuring all the hibernate / suspend scripts referenced here i realized that after resuming from either suspend to ram or hibernating to swap that my function keys were borked. … Read More

thinkpad x60 kernel work

so after using my thinkpad x60 for a while i realized that my battery (brand new) was dying to quickly, to start testing i installed powertop (Gentoo: sys-power/powertop, other : and started to notice that there were some changes at the kernel level and other minor tweaks that i could do to maximize on … Read More used greatest stack depth

so, after compiling a new kernel from gentoo sources (3.2.11) and a restart, my trusty old x60 freezes during boot with the last message being: used greatest stack depth hmm after a little googling, i stumbled across this bug. so, here is what i did in a nutshell to get my machine back up … Read More