simple system stats script for graphite

so i wrote a little script for dumping some stats to a graphite server. script is located here. all you have to do to get this working: ensure nc is installed ensure vmstat is installed change gserver and gport to matching graphite server and port and cron this to run every minute or so. it … Read More

pingdom stats to graphite from the command line

so i have been doing some work with our internal monitoring systems the last couple of days and wanted a way to pull pingdom stats into our graphite server using only a couple of bash commands or just put it together into a little shell script. after going through the pingdom api documentation, i was … Read More

graphite / statsd gone crazy

so i accidentally wild carded a part of the url on a graph, this was the result: click image to enlarge sometimes you get funny results from a fuck up.

shell script to output bandwidth rx/tx & packet rx/tx values to graphite

so this script uses bwm-ng (gentoo : gentoo: emerge bwm-ng, or and netcat. pretty straight forward : #!/bin/bash ####### # this script uses bwm-ng to gather the bandwidth rx/tx and packet rx/tx on specified interfaces # it only sends numeric values # # to run this script : # nohup sh ~/scripts/ & >/dev/null … Read More