irc bashbot

sup all, happy holidays and all that good stuff. so lately i have been working on an irc bot written only in bash. i know, sounds like a fucking nightmare and it would have been easier in python but this is fun and it works. you can grab it here i will write an article … Read More

multiboot selection rewrite

Whats up all, Its been a while since i have posted but whatever. Lately i have started to rewrite a chunk of the multiboot creator script located here. One of the main things that i have rewritten is the OS selection section. Here is what i wrote months ago. As you can see, it is … Read More

pingdom stats to graphite from the command line

so i have been doing some work with our internal monitoring systems the last couple of days and wanted a way to pull pingdom stats into our graphite server using only a couple of bash commands or just put it together into a little shell script. after going through the pingdom api documentation, i was … Read More

magic 8 ball bash script

so i got bored a couple of days ago and decided to write a magic 8 ball script. i know, they have been done a million times before, but it was 10 minutes and i wanted to see how centered in the terminal i could get it. you can get it here. here are the … Read More