teensy 3.0 & android pin brute forcing

so after picking up a usb rubber ducky from HAK5 at defcon, i wanted to see if i could replicate a pin brute force tool using a teensy for android phones. i love the usb rubber ducky, but i figure if i have arduino’s to spare, why not use them ? here is what i … Read More

some rooted nook screenshots

so after waiting some time a new kernel has been made available by dalingren that fixes the omapfb.vram=0:8M and changes it over to omapfb.vram=0:3M as discussed here. this is the main screen: click to enlarge this is running SiMi Clock Widget, BattStatt Free, Simple Text Widget & VPNC Widget. here is my “About Tablet” screen: … Read More

new toy

new toy: click to enlarge its a nook color with cyanogenmod nightly 03282011. these are the steps taken (loosely) that were taken to root: first we follow these steps. this is only to root the device which we have to do for the next step(s). then these steps are followed. these steps allow us to … Read More

Nexus one favorite sight

ono-sendai tools # ./adb logcat – waiting for device – ——— beginning of /dev/log/main I/cm ( 64): Welcome to Android 2.2 / CyanogenMod-6-07222010-NIGHTLY-N1 I/cm ( 65): _ I/cm ( 66): __ __ _ ___ _ _ __ ___ __ _ _ _ _ __ __)) I/cm ( 67): ((_ \(/'((_( ((\( ((_)((_( ((‘((\( ((`1( ((_)((_( … Read More