sabayon linux kdeinit failure during kde startup part 2

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edit 26-dec-06 – tested not working

found this piece of code in the gentoo forums :

for p in /var/db/pkg/kde-base/*; do echo $p|sed -e 's#.*/#=#'|xargs emerge -C; done

to completly remove all of kde –

steps i am testing:
1) remove all of kde using code above
2) emerge -s gentoo-sources
3) emerge --sync
4) layman -S
5) glsa-check -f all
6) dispatch-conf
7) emerge kdebase-startkde
8) emerge kdebase-meta (or kdepim-meta, to get absolutely all KDE split ebuilds, emerge kde-meta)
9) test

//edit- during emerge kdebase-startkde, you might get an error regarding kdehiddenvisibility, just go into your /etc/make.conf and ad a – (minus, dash … etc) in front of kdehiddenvisibilty and re-run the emerge. it will pick up where it left off


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