multiboot selection rewrite

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Whats up all,

Its been a while since i have posted but whatever.

Lately i have started to rewrite a chunk of the multiboot creator script located here.

One of the main things that i have rewritten is the OS selection section.

Here is what i wrote months ago.
As you can see, it is messy and just doesnt make sense. Plus, you have to go through every operating system to say either yes or no which, if more OS’s get added, is a giant time suck.

Here is the mostly rewritten selection handler

And here is a screen shot of the output it produces:
Click to enlarge

EDIT 2016-06-29:
Here is a gif view of the initial selection process:
Click to view

as you can see, its now a selectable list that is color coded according to whether the “OS_INSTALL” flag is either on or off in the shlib / os files.

i am happier with this than the previous method of cycling through to select.


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