television issues

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so my television (samsung LN40A550P3FXZA) a couple of days ago decides to no longer turn on. its not that new nor is it that old either.

so i decided to open it up to see if it was something notice-able since it was no longer under warranty. after a couple of minutes of searching i found the problem on the power board:

click image for larger image – sorry about the pic quality, taken with my cell phone camera

see the two 10v 1000uF caps with the swollen tops in this pic (hint: they are the two bottom larger caps) ?

so i went to the local rat shack to see if they had anything and of course they did not have the same size but what i did do was substitute 2 x 35v 1000uF for these two. after a couple of minutes of minor surgery and testing with the meter i powered it back on with great success.

total cost of fix : 3.67$
potential cost of replacement power board : 200$ +

i will be posting pics of the fix when i re-open the tv to inspect again.


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