some bootchart goodness

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so now that i have he adamo up and running i decided to sart tweaking boot times and running process’es, so i installed bootchart2 since bootchart is masked:

!!! All ebuilds that could satisfy "bootchart" have been masked.
!!! One of the following masked packages is required to complete your request:
- app-benchmarks/bootchart-0.9-r4::gentoo (masked by: package.mask)
# Pacho Ramos  (11 May 2012)
# No GPL releases for a long time, bundles external classes (#162788)
# Use app-benchmarks/bootchart2 instead. Removal in a month.

so here is the first run of bootchart:

click to enlarge. warning: its large

it took forever due to the dhcp daemon starting for no reason. it was not added to the rc list.

after some work, here is the second result:

click to enlarge.

so with a couple of minutes of work, i was able to take it from 1:07.23 to 00:27.66.

now lets shave some more time off this startup sequence. more updates coming soon.


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