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so i was trying to install the patched version of mutt with sidebar from source on my gentoo box when i realized that there is a use flage (sidebar) which will do all the work for me.

eix mutt:

[I] mail-client/mutt
     Available versions:  1.5.21-r1 (~)1.5.21-r11 (~)1.5.21-r12 {berkdb crypt debug doc gdbm gnutls gpg idn imap mbox nls nntp pop qdbm sasl selinux sidebar smime smtp ssl tokyocabinet}
     Installed versions:  1.5.21-r12(06:02:02 PM 02/05/2013)(berkdb crypt debug gdbm gnutls imap nls nntp pop sasl sidebar smime smtp ssl -doc -gpg -idn -mbox -qdbm -selinux -tokyocabinet)
     Description:         A small but very powerful text-based mail client

screenshot :
click image to enlarge

the config for this:

set sidebar_width=30
set sidebar_visible=yes
set sidebar_delim='|'
set sidebar_sort=yes
color sidebar_new brightblue black

macro index G 'toggle sidebar_visible'
macro pager G 'toggle sidebar_visible'

# bind index,pager \CP sidebar-prev
bind index,pager \CK sidebar-prev
bind index,pager \CN sidebar-next
bind index,pager \CO sidebar-open

or grab it from here.


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