machines in house

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these are the machines in the house (that are running):

dual p3 1 ghz
1gb of ram
integrated dual nic
os: netbsd 2.0.2 /w enlightenment 16.7

celeron 2 ghz
1 gb of ram
ultra320 driven (no ide)
os: suse 9.2 /w enlightenment 16.7

amd athlon 1.4 ghz
512mb ram
os: winxp pro

p4 2ghz
1.5 gb ram
dual ultra320 controllers
dual ide raid controllers
os: winxp pro

dual 300mhz ultrasparc 3
2gb ram
dual 4gb sscsi hd
os: netbsd 2.0 /w no gui

(pending) router/gateway/firewall:
nokia ip330 2330
os: m0n0wall or pfsense. im going to try them both and see which i prefer

laptops not listed


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