ipaq and familiar

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i dropped linux (familiar linux) on the ipaq today. it was pretty straight forward and had it fully running within about one to two hours from begining.

once the boot loader was corrected since the ipaq boot loader was to old, it was just a matter of copying the proper files to the compact flash card for writing.

i am not going into detail as to how the setup is done, the familiar website makes it real straight forward depending on model of ipaq you own.

here is my setup (click on image to enlarge):

parts consist of:
ipaq 3765
dual pcmcia sleeve
128mb compact flash card w/ pcmcia adapter
orinoco classic gold wlan card (802.11b)

here is the initial boot screen (click image to enlarge):

from this point forward, the boot time is roughly about 45 seconds to minute and a half.

once in it will bring you into the application menu (click image to enlarge):

pretty straight forward stuff. looks and feels relatively like wince, but in the next couple of screenshots you will see the advantages.

screenshot of the settings window (click image to enlarge):

screenshot of the system information screen (click image to enlarge):

…and here is where the fun begins:

here is kismet running in a portable environment (click to enlarge):

it does take some getting used to but its pretty straight forward to configure to make it look good on the screen of the ipaq.

and here is a screenshot of wellenreiter (click to enlarge):

so all in all, it does give you more functionality and it does let you compile what is needed as needed.

there is a terminal.
ssh fully works.

it rocks


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