ssh on the razr

first things first, you should have a copy of p2kman or some other tool to transfer files to and from the razr via mini-usb.

make sure that you dont have any java apps on your phone that you can not get back – you are going to remove all java apps for now.

1) open p2kman and goto /a/kjava
2) remove (copy them to your pc then delete) files j2me*.rms, j2me*.pat, j2me*.url, j2me*.jad & j2me*.rms
3) now copy these files into that folder (pc to phone in p2kman with the path set to /a/kjava and make sure you unrar the files first)
4) now on the razr, point the browser to (we are using midpssh as our ssh shell)
5) download the “full build MIDP 2.0” release, install and test

the typing is a pain in the ass, but when you have to do a quick edit on the road or access a conf file that has to be changed, it is a life saver. although, i am in the process of trying a couple of different blue tooth keyboards on the razr to see if it will work.

some problems i ran upon with this setup is that my cellular provider blocks ports so i set the ssh port to 143 (i think 80, 113 & 8080 might work, but i have not tried since 143 worked)

i will be posting pics in the next couple of days with screenshots of the ssh running and some other information.