hacking the V3 razr (sort of part one)

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hacking the razr

to edit seems – you need p2kman, xvi32 & pst (google)
files referenced in motox.us section can be found on motox.us in the unbranding section

—this section taken from motox.us—

External screen logo with a flip opened

Replace the file named cl GIF file (96×80 pixels) in /a/mobile/system/ folder with your own GIF image file. Make sure to name the replacement image file to cl NOT cl.gif. This is a common mistake since commom file extensions like *.gif are hidden by Windows default, if you name the file to cl.gif, it will become cl.gif.gif.

Changing the menu

Replace mma_dcp and mma_ucp files in /a/mobile/system/ folder with a Stock Moto menu files provided in the package.

Getting rid of provider shop links

Delete DL_DB_INET_RECORDS file in /a/ folder.

Custom Stratup/Shutdown animation
a. Create Custom startup/shutdown (custwakeup.gif & custgoodbye.gif) animation (176 x 220) and store them in /a/ folder.
b. Deactivate Moto startup animation – SEEM 0032_0001 > offset 1D > bit 3 [Uncheck]
c. Deactivate Moto shutdown animation – SEEM 0032_0001 > offset 31 > bit 0 [Uncheck]
d. Activate Custom startup (custwakeup.gif) animation – SEEM 004a_0001 > offset 23 [Set 01]
e. Activate Custom shutdown (custgoodbye.gif) animation – SEEM 0032_0001 > offset 46 > bit 0 [Check]
f. Splash screen (not an animated GIF):
For Blue (Purple) Flower Hellomoto Splash screen – SEEM 004a_0001 > offset 1C0 [Set 01]
For Hellomoto Splash screen – SEEM 004a_0001 > offset 1C0 [Set 00]
* Splash screen can not be turned off. As of now, this SEEM has not been discovered.

Custom Stratup/Shutdown sound
a. Create Custom startup/shutdown (Cust_Start~up.mp3 & Power~down.mp3) sound and store them in /a/mobile/audio/ folder.
b. Activate Custom startup sound
SEEM 004a_0001 > offset 22 [Set 01]
SEEM 0032_0001 > offset 24 > bit 3 [Check]
c. Activate Custom shutdown sound – SEEM 004a_0001 > offset 24 [Set 01]

—end motox.us section—-
—razr video camera hack—

SEEM 0032_0001 –> offset 70 –> bit 6 (enable & set)
SEEM 004a_0001 –> offset 1D3 (Set 01)


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