hacking the V3 razr (sort of part five)

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how to downgrade the bootloader from 8.xx to 7.d0 on the razr (one way of doing it)
***first make a pds backup in case of failure***

1. open flashbackup 2.61 (with the phone connected via usb)
2. in the section labeled “select loader”, select “select another”, select 32 MB (08A0).ldr
3. select “disable backup compression”
4. backup mode –> pds backup
5. press create –> once done put file some where safe
6. once done with backup, open multiflashflex (with phone plugged in but restarted from before)
7. enable flash with image R374_V3BL 07.D0.shx – should only take a minute or two
8. once flash is completed – power down phone, then power it back up while holding the * and # keys. if it worked, the screen should remain black but you should have lights on your keys.

tools needed:
R374_V3BL_07.D0.zip (07.d0 image)
pst (MultiFlashFlex.exe)
FlashBackup 2.61

to get the tools just use google, or go to the usual forums.

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quick and dirty way to check if your phone is locked (or unlocked)…
1) Menu key (but menu must be in the icon format, not list)
2) Type 073887* (fast)
3) A box will pop up saying “Enter security code”
4) Type 000000 (that’s SIX zeros)
5) If unlocked you should only see “Browser Setup”
6) If locked you should see “subsidy code” or something like that (browser setup & unlock sim if locked — browser setup & test mode if unlocked)

(copied from motox forums)
http://www.motox.info/showthread.php?t= … one+locked


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