**** FIRE SALE ****

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Here is the usual fire sale stuff but on Ebay now :

Sun CPCI CP1500-360 w/ chassis and 4 port nic : CPCI

Motorolla MVME : SOLD as of 09/03/2010

OQO Model 01+ : OQO

Sun Blade 2000 – specs:

Architecture : two 1.015 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu processors (64-bit)
Cache per processor : 8 MB External Cache
Main Memory : 8 GB (max'd out) ECC error correction (Eight Sun 232-pin SDRAM DIMM slots)
Serial : Two RS-232C/RS423 (DB25-F) ports
Four USB (Type A) connectors
Two IEEE 1394 (6-pin) connectors
PCI : Four 64-bit PCI slots, full-size, three at 33 MHz, one at 66 MHz
Drives : two 146gb (Vendor: IBM Model: IC35L146 CLAR146 Rev: R58A)
Video : Sun XVR-100

Im also selling:
SGI Fuel with no power supply
Cobalt Qube 3 professional with no drives
SGI Indy
Misc Old Ipaq’s w/ sleeves
Anthology Solutions Yellow Machine: 1TB RAID, NAS, file server

I will be updating this site as usual. Tell your friends. Shoot me an email for more info.

    • hey derek, i am asking 700 for the sun blade with all the bells and whistles i wrote about. it is at present running gentoo since the prom chip is the older chip that does not support a newer solaris version.

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