Command line bar graph

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i decided to write this command line bar graph (with portions taken from here) that shows graphs based on the amount of files and extensions in a dir (recursive or non-recursive).

need came about due to not wanting to grep, sort and uniq certain folders at the time for what i was doing.

here is a link to the script.

here is the usage animation:
click to enlarge

here is the usage:

NAME - show bar graphs of dir file types


    This script shows a bar graph with the total count
    of files in a dir according to extension.

    -b [character]
            This is to specify what character you want to use to
            draw your bar graphs. If this option is used, place
            the character in quotes (ex: "#").
            Default is "#"

    -d [path]
            This is to specify the path to be used. Need to input
            this for the script to work.

    -e [ext{,ext,ext}]
            This option is to select a single or list of extensions
            to show in the bargraph.
            Usage is either { -e "foo" } for single extension or
            { -e "foo,bar,baz" } for multiple. Always comma separated.

    -h      Show this file (usage).

    -r      Recursive.

    -s      This sorts output according to most files.
            Default is sorted by name.

    -v      Show version.

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