rrd stuff part three

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here is an updated rrd post.

these scripts are all required to create, update and graph the required information.

the twist on these scripts is that these are created for use with bonded nics in linux (can be changed for whatever uses)

here is the create script
here is the update script
here is the graph script

tip of advice on the scripts:
change LOC, LOC1, FILENAME & FILENAMEDAY to whatever is/are the respective values of the machine and so forth – do the same for all ifInOctets & ifOutOctets values as needed.

here is a sample image of these scripts in action (click image to enlarge):

i have the crontab processing this and other graphs at one minute intervals (thats for both the update and graph script) although i am just going to have the update script in crontab and will probably be placing the graph script into an executable php page just to lessen the load on the system. although by doing that you will be limiting yourself to create times since each graph will be generated at time of php execution.

if you have questions on these scripts – just either email me or post question(s) – i will be posting more on these and other rrdtool tools/scripts/whatever soon.


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