just felt like posting a screenshot of my term while in vim.


click to enlarge

EDIT 20141126 as per Alex : here are the plugins i use. here is a copy of my vimrc.

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  1. Looks pretty awesome(with adblock disabled). I’m guessing you don’t use putty then? That many splits always looks terrible depending on the size of the window, and is a pain to reconfigure

    • yea. i am on linux (gentoo) mostly and with smaller resolutions it gets real painful but works on bigger monitors.

  2. Where’s the picture ?

    • weird. so for some reason adblock pro blocks my pictures. i have to figure out why abp is not letting my images show up. i dont want people to whitelist my site, i would rather eliminate the contributing factors.

  3. cool! could u share your vimrc dude? thanks!

    • gladly. ill edit the post to add that info.